Square Enix’s fantasy farming sim Harvestella gets Switch eShop demo today

Square Enix’s upcoming fantasy farming game Harvestella is getting a Switch eShop demo today, ahead of its 4th November release.

Harvestella – a sort of blend of Final Fantasy, Harvest Moon, and Rune Factory – casts players as an amnesiac who wakes up in a world where the seasons are governed by four giant crystals known as Seaslight. Unfortunately for the locals, something has gone awry and a deadly dust known as the Quietus has started seeping from the crystals, trapping people indoors and causing crops to wither and die.

What follows is a familiar blend of farming, socialising, and adventuring that sees players growing crops to raise the money needed to buy new farming and adventuring equipment – the latter helping players gradually push deeper into Harvestella’s dungeon-like regions where they’ll encounter enemies and bosses, and gather resources required elsewhere.

Harvestella’s new Switch demo – which lets players experience the opening days of their farm’s first season – will be available in Nintendo’s eShop today, and all save data can be transferred to the full Switch game on its release.

Harvestella arrives on 4th November, when it’ll be available on both Switch and Steam.